la·cu·na/ləˈk(y)o͞onə/ The lacuna, or lexical gap, represents a gap in translation, a place where multiple meanings are applied, where meanings shift and new interpretations can be made. ArtLacuna is an artist-led space established in May 2013, located in an old coroner's office near Clapham Junction. It accommodates artist studios, a residency and research program, as well as project and exhibition space.

 03/11 - 08/12/2016

 Our world is strange. We live in a world of constructed realities, often fake. Rationalising our experiences through fabricated understandings of the world, that form the basis for shared assumptions about reality. The only truth is the absurdity of it all.

Constructed Realities showcases the works of 6 contemporary artists working within the medium of film; highlighting the flux and flow of life as we navigate the material plentitude of our surroundings and absurdity of the everyday through irrational acts, found footage and constructed virtual realities.

Over a six week period ArtLacuna will screen the work of one artist per week – systematically adjusting the the overall installation to change the perception and navigation of the space, as well as reflect the realities portrayed within the works themselves.

Running order:
Tom Pope – 03/11, 6-9pm. 04-06/11, 12-4pm
Irene Dionisio – 10/11, 6-9pm. 11-13/11, 12-4pm
Alex Duncan – 17/11, 6-9pm. 18-20/11, 12-4pm
Peter Finnemore – 24/11, 6-9pm. 25-27/11, 12-4pm
Chris Cawkwell – 01/12, 6-9pm. 02-04/12, 12-4pm
Izzy McEvoy – 08/12, 6-9pm. 09-11/12, 12-4pm
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